Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flamethrowing Final Ride

Well, folks. It's been another crazy week. As SPM Trials closes in, the level of madness in school just increases until you want to bang your head on the nearest metal pole (which I have tried, quite satisfying effect).

I almost lost my certificates, due to parents' intervention in my after-school affairs. Lost my nerve, popped a vein, went into cardiac arrest a couple of times, but I got through. Not alone, no. Got some help from some admirable friends.

Thanks, fellas.

Everything's on borderline fine now, and I have one more event that I need to go through before I put everything, and I mean everything, down.

The 10th Petaling Troop Scouts 5th Annual Cultural Night.

Ooh, I went to the 4th Annual CN, and it was really a fascinating evening. Everything was done by the seniors of 2008/2009, with some minor help from the juniors. Towering gadgets, classy art-by-hand banners, the fiery firelighting gig, and the original performances.

This year, it was the seniors of 2009/2010 turn to orchestrate the event. We're picking up pace in preparing the entire show which will be on the 7th of August.

That's 4 days before the fasting month starts, and 3 days before my Prefect step-down ceremony.

Everything is slowly wrapping up for the Form 5s, eh?

Before you know it, an official SPM question paper will be shoved under our noses by those grim-faced Exam guards.

Bloody SPM-shivers.

Right. I'm not sure whether this is a happy or a sad post. Happy because I'm finally leaving teenage immaturity or sad because I'm stepping out of high school and into the real world?

Oh, those questions never bothered me before.

Always me and my beloved DSLR.

Gah, enough of that! I'm going to enjoy these last two weeks, no one can stop me, I think I deserve it before I submit into chains of revision-slavery, and since I'm in charge of firelighting in Cultural Night, I'm going to make the whole event flammable, so flammable that a miniscule surge of static electricity can cause the detonation of a hydrogen bomb!

Like Amy Holland says it...
~ She's on fire! ~

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