Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Atomic Gang War: Sometimes, People are Stupid

I am so gonna get killed for putting this up. Some might call me hypocritical.

But, I do have freedom of speech. So members of any current gang wars in any particular schools; screw you.

I might be exaggerating when I say gang war, but when I look at it, it certainly does look like a gang war.

Two sides, two armies, two conflicting interests, and the climatic showdown which usually ends up in tears. And no, not tears of victory. There's also the occasional third party which reinforces the rules of the environment, which is the no violence rule, but usually they get ignored. In this case, the prefects.

So, readers, let's begin the psycho-analysis for these meaningless gang wars!

It usually begins with one group, society, an entity, one might call it. Now, like the bonds of solid matter, the chains that holds the society together are tight. But like Chemistry as well, external forces can eliminate those bonds, no matter how strong they are.

So an outside force says hello to this entity, and like all then-perfect relationships, atoms within the society form cracks, and finally break off from each other.

And now we have two atoms of the same entity. Usually one will be stronger than the other, and the stronger one will be dominant.

Eventually, the much weaker atom will soon disintergrate into nothingness, due to the stronger atom's heavy pounding, who, in its own course, rallied other atoms to its own personal cause.

You follow? No? Oh well.

Once upon a time, there were two best friends. Now, these two were the best of best friends and nothing could break them apart. Or so they thought. One day, someone with high sex appeal came over and said hi. One thing led to another, and there was a fight.

Soon, there were armies, and the two sides fought for eternities and scorched the earth. In the end, no one could tell that the particular battlefield they fought on had once been the birthplace of a beautiful friendship.

No, I'm not indicating anyone. I've heard too much, I've seen too much, and I could guess what will happen next.

But I won't take sides. That would be stupid. Nor would I join the third party to uphold the authority's rules and regulations.

All I'm saying... is that all of you are being stupid. I'm sorry, I know, there are faults and wrongs somewhere, and there might be only one guilty party, but honestly, it takes two to start a war. Three to make it chaotic.

There's also the idiots signing up for it. What the heck, you morons?! WHY do you want to stand out there and watch it? You think it's a frickin' free show? You want to cheer on for them? You fools like feeding off people's despair?!

You like seeing people cry?!

I understand the ones who felt the need to stand up for the friends, especially for the weaker atom. Being good friends are what you are. But the ones who just walk by and then suddenly go... '' Ooh! I wanna join! I'll take that side!'' Eff off, you stupid, stupid, idiotic, dumbfucks.

If you want to participate, how about you relay the truth, the exact truth, to everyone who doesn't know. Let those clueless ones know that's it's a big misunderstanding, words were said, hearts were broken, but it's on its way to be healed.

It's all just a misunderstanding. People said this, people said that, and something happened. But just know it'll be okay; don't worry about it.

C'mon la. Does a feud have to continue until one of the other falls down? Does the other end have to die of defeat and forever be silenced, then everything will be all right? Where's the good old-fashioned ethics of friendship and trust?

Is sorry so hard to be said? To be meant? To repair something that's damaged, and that damaged object was something you use to treasure. Now, you throw it away like a bottle of bad coke.

How about forgive and forget? You'd forgo that for search and destroy, I'd say.

We have to learn that people make mistakes, and that's inevitable. Sometimes that's just a test for us, to see if we can forgive ourselves, others, and say sorry to those we hurt.

I've said enough, I think. Wouldn't help anyone anyway.

I hope everything will end in a good way.

No more tears, please.

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