Monday, July 19, 2010

The Eternal Rose

Hey, hey, hey. Do you guys remember my old blog? Yeah, the pinky-pink one, one that I had to decorate with Barbies because I lost a bet to a certain She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

Well, do you remember the story I typed out, The Gallant Rose?

I have a new one. It's not a follow-up of the story, no, but rather a spiritual succession to the last one. And yes, it does involve a rose. Thus the title of this blog post.

Tell me what you think, eh? Will The Eternal Rose be better than The Gallant Rose?

This one is dedicated to the fantasy-novel nuts. Read on!

-----The Eternal Rose-----

No one knows how it all truly began. It was a ludicrous illusion, a manifestation of the impaired, a dream.

But everyone knew it was all because of a rose. It was a crimson rose, red as the blood that flows through your veins. Its beauty was of a passionate carving, the hands that made it of excellent craftsmanship. The scent that it puffed out was the smell of agonising lust, dazing those who sniffed it with momentary euphoria.

Down it came from the heavens, answering a little girl's call. Divine spirits blessed the flower as it touched the girl's homeland. Within seconds, just like the flower itself, the land bloomed of green meadows filled with insects, rivers with splashing fishes and frogs, and the sky boasted its blue and the sun's blazing sunlight.

The people of the land, and the girl, called the miracle flower the Eternal Rose.

And for a while, there was joy.

But like every tale of joy, there always must be a small piece of evil.

Evil manifested itself in the form of a black, hideous dragon, its scaly skin as tough as the hide of a mammoth, and its ivory fangs and claws sharp enough to rip out metal. And just like the flower, the dragon came from a wish.

A deformed wish.

The dragon was envious of the Eternal Rose, and hated it with every fibre of its body. So down it swooped onto the Spot of Birth, the place where the Rose was planted, and yanked it out of the ground, with its mighty lashing tail.

The meadows died. Insects shrivelled and entered death. The fishes and frogs danced no more in the polluted river. The skies turned dark and sinister thunder-bearing clouds obscured the sun.

The black dragon laughed, and laughed, as the people cried of their destroyed homeland. It flew away, flexing its wings and causing hurricanes. The leaves of the trees were swept away with tears of despair.

In his dark lair, the dragon prepared for the destruction of the Eternal Rose. Its death will signify the dominance of evil in this realm of reality, something which the black dragon desired most.

And along came a knight in shining armour.

The knight was fully armoured, from head to toe. In his hand hand was a broadsword, its hilt encrusted with precious stones. Symbols of magic and divine spirits were carved onto the sword, and the lights danced upon them.

The black dragon roared, and a great battle began.

The knight struck and struck, but the dragon shimmied and sideswiped, avoiding the edge. Once the dragon opened its mouth and a fireball erupted from its throat. The knight stood his ground and a shield was handled, deflecting the fiery death attack.

The dragon then brought its mace-like tail onto the knight. Again, the shield was used to parry, but the knight was unfortunate this time.

The mace hit his visor, and the knight's face was revealed.

It was not a he, but a she.

It was the little girl who had wished for the Eternal Rose from the divine spirits when her dream was melded into reality.

The black dragon was shocked, and stood dumbfounded, exposing his heart while all this time he guarded it well.

And the knight thrust the blade forward.

The grounds shook, and the lair's ceiling crumbled to bits at the dragon's roar of pain, the sword sticking out of his chest. Blood flowed from the wound, and all the dragon could hear in his last moments was the sound of his fading heartbeat.

The knight took the Eternal Rose, freed the sword, and escaped the lair, as it collapsed, forming the Tomb of the Black Dragon, a perversion of history.

The girl, now without her armour, but plain normal clothes, carefully planted the Eternal Rose in the Spot of Birth.

Cheers erupted, and the beauty which the black dragon stole was returned to the land. Joy, happiness and love, it was all that mattered to the little girl as she whispered to the Eternal Rose.

''I thank thee, Eternal Rose of the heavens.''


Hope you readers enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting!

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