Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Best RM1 of My Life

Hey folks. Thought I'd be different today, and try out center-spacing and the Arial font for this post.


So, how many of you has been hit by a car? *leave your comments in the chatbox at the side there, hehe*

Okay, I'm guessing a few readers out there are answering, 'Once, I think.' 'Uhh, not a car, but a truck.' 'Hmm.... does a bicycle count?'

Well, not to make a big deal about it, but I got hit by a car today. Yeah, a gay-blue (cyan, if I'm not mistaken) Proton Saga. Alright, so it's not something to whoop about (though I daresay it's on a higher standard than being hit by a bicycle). And no worries, I wasn't hurt at all.

I bet Ishaq just went 'Aww, dang!' on that one.

No, no. The real reason I wanted to blog about this lil accident of mine was because of the story behind it. Some people might find it idiotic, ridiculous, and quite possibly reckless. But hell, it was as funny as the time Bala exposed his underwear in the Chemistry lab while cleaning the blackboard.

*psst, the colour was grey. Look out, girls.*

So! It was a sunny day, wind was blowing, bird were chirping, and I could hear all the happy voices from the old folks' home across the street (''Nurse, why does my napkin smell funny?'' ''Sir, that's your underwear.'') I was walking home, back from 7-11 with a paper in my hand and I was looking forward to getting home because Iron Man was on HBO HD later that time.

Maybe it was fate, maybe it was a sending, I don't know, when I realised a crisp one Ringgit note on the bitumen-laid ground.

Common sense would have left it alone. Bob Shakir's sense, however, was a different thing.

Though there was money on the ground, I took the necessary procedure of crossing the road, just like what it said in the big book of scouting. Look left, look right, and then look both ways again. And Amirul Shakir went and crossed the road.

I should have just crossed and snatched the money from the road.

But no. Either it was stupidity or common sense, I stayed in the middle of the road and checked to see if the bill was the real deal. Well, I thought the road was empty.

I thought wrong, because five seconds later, a speeding Saga burst from a junction and headed my way. Of course, I didn't see it. I was busy examining the Agong's face on the bill. The driver of the Saga didn't bother to honk before he hit me either.

Have no fear, folks, because I was lucky.

The driver did see me nanoseconds before he hit me and slammed on the breaks. However, thanks to inertia, which in turn is supported by Mr. Ng, our school physics teacher (good teacher, *ehem*) it didn't stop the car's bumper from hitting my right shin.

There was that instant impact and shock, which was nothing actually, but I did like throw myself over the car's hood. And when the car stopped, the honk blaring as the Saga driver pressed his hand on the honk everlastingly, the pain came.

But it was nothing much. I was on my butt seconds later. The driver frantically climbed out.

I thought I was gonna get the usual ''You idiot! Who told you to stand in the middle of the road like a flag pole (do flag poles stand in the middle of the road?) like an idiot?? Who's gonna pay for the dent--''

Yeah, that's what I thought, when this old, bespectacled Chinese guy who looked incredibly like Mr. Ng except for the head full of white-grey hair came out of the Saga. Again, an illusion of an angry driver popped into my head, but this time, in Mr. Ng's image. ''Itulah, stand in the middle of the road. Berdosa tau, nanti mati pergi neraka--''

But instead.

Saga Driver: OH MY GOD!! ARE YOU OKAY?!

Me: Yeah, I'm not hurt bad...


Me: No, I'm pretty sure I'm okay... just a small scratch is all...


Me: Oh, it's okay, I just live right over there--


And despite the multiple 'No's that came out of my mouth, I was dragged into the Saga, while the driver kept exclaiming ''OH MY GOD!!'' over and over.

So I got home. Thanked the fellow. I think he said, ''You're welcome, I'm so sorry, OH MY GOD!!''. He was a cool guy. Panicked a bit, but at least he didn't mind the dent in the bumper that I caused.

I didn't tell my parents about it. Nah, they'll worry. I checked and I'm pretty sure it's just a swelling on my shin. By the time I typed this out, the swelling's gone down. The pain's still there, and I limp a bit, but it should be gone by Tuesday. Just in time for football in PJK.

And in the end, there's that crisp, off-the-road, accident-inducing, worthy, lucky, fateful, destiny-locked, RM1 in my wallet.

Really, the best buck of my life.

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