Thursday, May 17, 2012


This website incorporates major elements from the movie, including a motion graphic animation for the intro and a gritty, metal-like typography design. The links and text are simple enough, but each letter is modeled after the same design as the “A” logo of the Avengers. The background is  a black field with a sort of shiny black metal, laced with scenes from the movie. Truly a gritty and action feel when one enters the website.

This website design follows a painting/colour pencilled background. The background seems to envelop the contents of the page, like nature is real enough to reach the edges. The colour of the design seems real, avoiding the website to look artificial. The text is simple and easy to read. Overall, the website gives a natural feeling, like a visual garden.

Another nature-themed design. The background is empty, but instead is replaced with an intricate treehouse which is also the field for the text. All content is fitted into the treehouse. Links and text are again simple to read, but what steals the show is the design which houses the content. Cute characters are used to illustrate living objects and to show some life inside the treehouse.

 What’s interesting about this website is the header and its navigation. The header is an image of some provocative elements, such as monotone coloured animals in suits and a wasteland with a city in the distance. The navigation sprouts out into mind-maps leading into other links and menus. The content header is similar to a page from a notebook. The feeling of this website’s design is somewhat of what happens inside an artist’s mind, based on the illogical elements on the site. 

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

1.    (1)   Video game review/walkthrough website
- I review an old video game from an amateur’s point of view
- I provide articles detailing the game’s description and development
- walkthroughs will also be prepared through articles, images and videos
- designs will be based on the game (Mega Man X5) which is sprite-based and in 16-bit, which is fairly simple to incorporate into the website.

2.     (2)  How To Lose Weight and Work Out; info-graphic
- tips on how to lose weight
- tips given by friends who constantly work out and exercise
- simple graphics to show the action of the exercise
- testimonials by people who have tried the tips and advice
- include videos as testimonials

3.      (3) Surviving The One Academy
- a guide for new students
- how to cope with college life, especially in TOA
- somewhat of a blog, describing what happens in TOA
- images and videos of the places of interest in TOA
- advice by TOA seniors

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Assignment Number 2: Web Safe Area

I recently collaborated with classmate Joel So to research and produce the results of the second assignment set by our lecturer for Digital Design for Multimedia. These are the resolution screen sizes for Web Safe Area when viewed on the 25'' screen of iMac.

10 things about me (Assignment Mode)

Hi. This is actually a dead blog, but I would like to dedicate this post to a subject in my course; Digital Design for Multimedia.

So, folks, here's my first assignment.

10 (metaphoric) Things About Me

1. I am like the sky, so majestic and blue, and wouldn't mind to give you bad weather if you're sad (example; if you cry, I'll rain for you)

2. I am like Pluto dwarfed in size by the superiority of the other planets, and hopes get crushed when I realise I'm not listed as a planet anymore.

3. I am like toilet paper, because once people are done with toilet paper, they just throw it away; used and unimportant for the rest of eternity.

4. I am like a patch of yellowing grass on poorly treated soil, lonely and swaying in the wind, with no one to bear love and comfort with.

5. Prozac is like my drug, to make me see the beautiful things in life. Actually, Prozac is a drug. Euphoria-inducing drug.

6. I am not emotional, just forever alone, like the moon in the night sky, surrounded by stars who have each other. And I'm big and round.

7. My best friend is my shadow.

8. I inhale happiness like oxygen but I exhale it like carbon dioxide.

9. My body consists of 80% depression while the rest is fats.

10. I feel like I'm stranded on an island when everyone in my class starts talking in Mandarin. But it's okay. #forever alone