Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We'll poke that storm in the eye

I haven't been involved in anything.

I don't have a right to say anything either.

That storm, yeah, that one.

I was lucky because I had my umbrella.

I'm grateful but I watch in sorrow as some of my pals wade through those dangerous waters.

Into the eye of that bloody storm.

Today, one of them said, ''No, I don't think it'll end. It'll only get worse.''

I respectfully disagree, bespectacled midget.

(I do hope I was as vague as I was insulting in that one.)

Yes, that storm will keep going. For the worse. Okay, that part I agree. But it'll never end?

No, no, no.

It will end. It will. You just have to hang on. Shut your ears, close your eyes, and just feel the rain on your face. Let people say what they want to say, it'll die away. But don't you die along with it.

All those lies, half-baked truths, misconceptions and chaos theories are bringing you down.

You're strong, stronger than that. What, half-baked cheese gonna make you sick now?

And if it does bring you down, push you to tears, destroys your well-being... just remember.

You're not alone. You never were, anyway.

I'll be there, he'll be there, she'll be there, everyone will be there and we'll grab your frail hand and pull you out from all that hate and greed and nonsense crap and we'll screw that storm, right in its bloody evil eye.

Hang on, hang on. It'll be over soon, and you'll have a beautiful sunrise and well-deserved peace.

Patience, midget.

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