Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hello. Not a bad day today, despite the week of increasing insanity. Got my Biology exam results, and the marks weren't bad at all.

Highest in class (psst, A-).

First time, you know. Last exam I got a C+. Well, nothing to brag about. But still, I can be happy can't I?

That's surely redemption enough for all those classes I purposely missed.


Today there was a small competition; a poem recital thingy. Teacher informed me last week, but I accidentally (or secara sengaja since I groaned audibly when she told me) forgot about it and didn't come up with any poems at all.

The recital was right after school, at 2.45pm. I remembered about it at 2.00pm.

If you think coming up with a poem is easy, think again. I squeezed my brain of all its juice trying to come with a theme.

Joy, sorrow, food, love, suicidal or politics?

And I just came up something which was dark, but had love as the central theme. Call me mushy, but this got me second place. Not bad at all!

It's called, as the title suggests, ''Heartbeat''.

The stillness and the cold
The frights of which I could not bear
A frustrated and frosted soul
Waiting for non-existent warmth
The light that will never reach me

I need a heartbeat
A surge of oxygenated blood
And let it liberate me from darkness!
Always overwhelming and undermining
The darkness in all our hearts

Let break the glass of illusion!
Unleash pride and glory
And set aside doubt and hatred
And love will be found
Everlasting and ever-binding, love

Love, wings that let the heart soar
Love, a rose that blooms in the heart
Love, an eclipse of the soul

Let love be, and love be a heartbeat.

Note: I was half-asleep when I wrote this. Don't blame me if it's too depressing. I just wanted to get back to sleep.

I'm actually quite proud of it. I mean, second place is better than third place!

And yes, the oxygenated blood was a reference of my Biology marks. Hehe.

Thanks for visiting, and I sincerely apologise for my ego on this post. Bye!

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