Friday, April 30, 2010

Champions of 2010

On this lovely (albeit raining) Friday, SMK SAS held their 44th Annual Sports Day 2010. It's the last one I'm ever gonna have, and I have to say, it was the best. Well, probably because Blue House won the Inter-House championship.


That's right. Blue House. Won. Beat Red House. We beat Red House. Red House was hogging the title for the last two years, and yeap, finally managed to avoid a third strike this year when our house gained 1000+ points. (Red House only had 900+, boo-hoo)

Alrite, so we lost in the Marching event. And the deco. But who cares when we've dominated the entire Sports Day? HAHA!

Yeah, we were averaging on the running events, because Red and Green seemed to cut pass thru our runners, leaving Blue House runners grabbing second place (sorry, Yellows).

Tho Yellow House did put up an interesting show for the march.

Thirty Yellow cap-wearing midgets marched on the field... singing ''We Will Rock You'' (modified to ''Syahbandar (Yellows' codename) will rock you!'') when suddenly, two Decepticons (Donovan Liew and Ravind Pandian in box-suits) arrived and attacked the party! While the marchers were pleading to Decepticons, a remix version of the Transformers' theme music blared on the Soundmasters' speakers... announcing the appearance of the Yellow House mascot... BUMBLEBEE (Adrian Andre Pereira in a more cooler version of a box-suit). Yeap, Bumblebee bashed the baddies and saved the marchers... who trotted off to a happy ending.

Yeah, it was a simple concept, but very interesting to watch. I really like to post some pictures... but I can't, due to the fact that all the photos I take are property of the school's Editorial Board.

However, I can post these two pictures. Take a look!

Bumblebee and the Bull!

OMG! My lens cracked!

All and all, SAS Sports Day 2010 was a blast. We all had fun, and I really hope it stays in our memories as a really enjoyable event during teen-years.

Oh yeah. Blue House totally PWNED all the other houses in the Tug of War match. It was a record. We beat everyone under 10 seconds. I know. Because I was in it. HAHA!

Thanks for reading!

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