Monday, April 19, 2010

Semi-Pro Photography Awesome-ness (as horrible in vocabulary as that sounds)

Yes la, readers. Joining the school's Editorial Board as a photographer, I've always used the school's cameras. They weren't that bad, but seeing photo-freaks like Ishaq, Daniel and Aqeemul handling big-ass 18-200mm lens-equipped pro DSLR cameras, made me feel jealous. Very. But no more.


Feast your eyes on the Canon Digital Eos 1000D!

Yeap. After starving for nearly two and a half months, I finally acquired the right amount of funds (approx RM1.8k) to purchase this sweet, jet-black snapshot busting baby (I know, weird, but I like how it sounds). Tho equipped with a basic (and sucky) 18-55mm lens, I came to love this camera. No more ogling at Ishaq while he zooms his Dad's pro Nikon camera on hot chicks at Interact/Leo events, no more listening to Daniel comparing Nikon's Sigma lens, and certainly no more of Aqeemul's nags (when I hold his camera, my nose brushes against the LCD camera as I put my eye near the eyepiece, thus staining the screen with nose oil).

I've been telling everyone my dad bought it for me as a present coz I don't want a lot of people to know that I've been carrying RM2k- around in my pocket. (I starved to save, readers. STARVED. To those who know my physique, you should know how difficult it is for me).

Ah, I'm on the road to becoming a pro. I'm still a noob right now, striving to achieve semi-pro status like the others. I'm also saving up to buy another set of lens, the 18-200mm kind, which costs around RM2k. (Another two months of starving, SWEET!)

Ehem. To the pimple-invaded individual (yes, no doubt I'm talking about you) watch out. A flash and a snap, that massive pimple's gonna be on Facebook!

See ya, readers!

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