Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Terrible Turkeys Band

Yeah, so what started as a lazy Labour Day for me (no tuition, scored some extra hours of sleep) turned out to be the next step in the formation of a four-piece band.

Yeap, Imp sms'ed me the other day saying he needed another singer to perform in a small event ''Crescent Day''. So I said sure, tho rehearsals can't be on the next day (which was Saturday, Labour Day) because my dad would be home.

So back to the present time, I'm busy listening to some punk-infested music orchestrated by Green Day when I got a call from Imp. Note that my parents were out buying groceries at that time.

Imp: So dude, you can keluar tak?
Me : No, man, sorry. My dad just came back from Ipoh. Family time, y' know? (My dad was
working full time in Ipoh, Perak)
Imp: Really? Because, you know... we're just outside your house.
Me : WTF?

There was Imp, Ishaq and Felix waiting outside with Felix's Kancil car. I was like, ''WTF?!?''. And yeah, I just followed them to Imp's house. I sms'ed my mom that I was going to Imp's place... ''for a short while''.

So when we got to Imp's house, Ishaq started playing ''Stairway to Heaven'' with Imp's piano when he noticed he could manipulate the keys into sounding just like the song. Bravo, Ishaq. Damn cool, because Ishaq didn't know anything about pianos. Felix joined in while Imp explained to me the details of the performance.

We were going to sing ''Carry You Home'' by James Blunt. Imp will be playing the rhythm with his acoustic, Ishaq with the lead and his electric guitar and Felix with the bass, albeit using his acoustic guitar with an audio jack. They needed a singer who could sing low because James Blunt always knew how to hit high and low notes with beautiful melody.

Well, I'm no James Blunt... but I think I'd do pretty well. Nah, just joking. Yeah, so I'm the singer. And before we knew it, we had like a four-piece band.

Just when we about to rehearse... my dad called.

''You had your ''short while''. Now, come home. Your aunt's on the way.''

Oh well. So much for a rehearsal. So Felix gave me a ride back to my house. Imp tagged along while Ishaq stayed and mauled--I mean, played his piano. I got back home before my parents did from their grocery shopping and then spent the entire evening help my mom make burritos until my aunt came. Spicy, I might add. Very.

Imp arranged another rehearsal. Monday, after school. Wooh. Let's hope we can pull this off before Crescent Day.

Thanks for visiting! See ya!

PS: I'd really like the band name to be the ''Terrible Turkeys''.

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