Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Citra Warna or the Colours of Malaysia, whatever you prefer...

Sorry, late post. Lots of stuff happening, no time to blog. And I was kinda lazy. I don't know, every year April seems to be my lazy month.

Anyway, happy to announce that SMK Sultan Abdul Samad is selected for the lead dance in the annual Colours of Malaysia event! Wooh! 180 dancers all and all, and we take the main spot, and our theme is shoppers! Not bad, eh? Other schools got orang asli, and fruits, from what I hear.

Heh. Gonna get a frickin' autograph from a guy in a grape suit at the event.

But not all is good news. We're competing for the lead dance with Catholic High School... our trainers say if we don't dance damn good (and I mean, damn good) we might lose the spot to Catholic... something that us Samadians won't frickin' allow!

Apparently the event Colours of Malaysia is gonna be a huge event. The entire Malaysian government is gonna be there, along with the Agong and his lovely Ratu Permaisuri. And a couple of ambassadors too.

So the trainers will be training us hard... three days a week, after school. The event is going to be held at Dataran Merdaka somewhere in May.

Wooh. Can't wait. Will upload pictures soon, if any. See ya!

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