Saturday, January 1, 2011

My head in the clouds...

Hi, folks! I've just came back from Singapore a few hours via plane. Singapore's been fun, my family and I visited Universal Studios. Photos are here. A good and long six days, five nights there, and though going to Singapore for the second time gave experience, I'm happy to be back in Malaysia.

One thing I like about flights. As you look out through the plane windows, through that reinforced glass, you could get an up and close view of the clouds. Yes, simple as they may seem, but the view, if looked upon closely... you can see the wonders of it.

See how the blades turn, against a background of clouds.

The opening in the centre of looks like an opening of the sea along the lines of a sandy beach.

The sun shines radiantly, and the clouds' curves capture the light, shadowed upon the stratosphere.

These clouds may look like a puffy white cotton ball, but they potray the serenity and peace of mind, when someone is really high, up in the sky. Thus, the saying, ''head in the clouds.'' See ya, folks! Thanks for reading.

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