Friday, December 24, 2010

It was almost New York

It was almost, almost New York. People, lights, dances, music and the waiters.

The waiters. You bloody idiots, you had to wear a black and white attire like me, eh?

And I could only applaud on your appetizer, cream of mushroom soup.

But I could gladly say apart from the food... SA and SAS Prom 2010 wasn't so bad. It wasn't glorious until I wished it would happen again (unless it repeated itself in a desirable condition) but it wasn't so horrible until I thought it was a total waste of time.

It was good, though it could have been better.

The mushroom soup and the prom itself.

But I had a good time. Albeit some... inconsistencies and distortions. But that's a story for another time, when I'm ready.

Right now... The Golden Apple, New York. Where? The majestic 6-star hotel of Kuala Lumpur, One World Hotel. They could have served better chow.

The event started late. The general message was everyone had to be in front of the Topaz ballroom exactly at 7.00pm, and no later than 7.45pm or the doors will be closed. But we started at 8.00pm. Pfft, Malaysian timing.

Daniella Sya and Christian Neil Cap
es were the MCs for the prom. Daniella was okay, but seriously, Christian needed lessons on how to pronounce names. Just because you're half-Singaporean, doesn't mean you have to act like you're from Europe, mate. Nevertheless, they hosted the prom well enough and steered clear of being complete lame-joking deadbeats.

To be honest, the highlight of the prom (other than spending time with your dear friends, awww) was the performances. The rock band which made their music out of the clash of drums and careless strumming was just ear-sickening. Khairul's band, the House Bunnies (house band, what up) were excellent, my congratulations to them for raising their street cred. The other bands were kinda cool too. There was a three-man band with three acoustic guitars playing slow songs for *cough* couples.

My date, everyone, was the ever-lovely Nabeela. Yes, I think she was the only girl who wore a tudung to prom. But she was still pretty.

''Radical, Bob, she looks like Cinderella.'' says Khairul.

''Yeap, Cinderella just converted to Islam, dude.'' was my reply.

The dances were errr... kinda enjoyable I guess. Adrian and Tharini dragged Nabeela and I on the dance floor. Soon we were joined by Maddie and her date, Drakie. We swapped dance partners for a few minutes, Drakie and me.

Man, was that weird AND awkward.

The night continued on with games and photos and so on. When the clock struck 12, the prom ended. Good thing too, coz the now-Muslim Cinderella had to go back. Goodbyes and hugs were exchanged and I already felt some sort of weight pulling my heart down. I wasn't going to see half of the people there in a long time. I wondered if I would remember them when years pass.

Then I mentally slapped myself as I packed my gear. Of course I will.

The Golden Apple, New York was a moderate success folks, and we all sorta enjoyed it. Below are the photo albums on Facebook.

Is It New York??!!

Prom 2010 - The Golden Apple, New York

Thanks for reading folks!

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