Sunday, January 30, 2011

Devil May Cry... and I won't blame him

This is the old Dante. (from Devil May Cry 4)


... emo-gothic, stoned punk... the new, younger Dante.
(from DmC Devil May Cry)

What the heck are you doing, Capcom? Giving one of your most prized possessions into the hands of a noob video-game developer like Ninja Theory? You were better off developing your own games!

And... Dante? His silver hair. Silver hair!!! That was iconic. And now... this??? And smoking??!

I'll cut the game some slack for now. It is an origin story, and it'll probably shed more light on the bad-ass hero's history in the Devil May Cry series.

I hope DmC won't let me and the other fans down.
The trailer was... meh.

It was cool, actually, if you set aside the ''ruining-the-iconic-look'' concept.


DmC Devil May Cry Debut Trailer

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