Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Year... Hi, 2011

Sorry I didn't post one up for the new year, I was feeling lazy, and opted for the clouds post since it was so... peaceful. Well, peace is almost over now, into the hustle and bustle of the fresh start of another year on planet Earth. College, work... and so much more.

Half my friends are off to college, Hui Jan, Maddie, Joshua, Ganesh... so rajin, these January-intake goers. The other half (which I am quite proud to be amongst) have gone on the road of job-hunting. One can be quite cerewet with the requirements that come with the job. ''What are the working hours?'' ''How many off-days I get in a week?'' ''How's the pay?'' and the most popular one, ''Do I have to wear a uniform?''

Yes, yes, a lot of moans here and there, but I got a job as a waiter at Sri Melaka restaurant in One Utama. The first two days were tiring but I gained a few things which I'm sure would be useful somewhere, sometime in the future. I planned to work for three months, then out of the blue--

My rejected internship application at the Star, was accepted by another newspaper company, the Malay Mail.

Not a newspaper giant like the Star or NST, but adequate for someone like me. I've just worked on my resume and sent it to the Editor-in-Chief last night via email. I received a call this morning from a Mr. Jonathan Chong who told me to report to Malay Mail's office at 9 o'clock in the morning on Monday.

My dad said my resume was quite good, and I did it without remembering all the details given by this lecturer lady who came to school to give Form 5s speeches on how to prepare resumes. *beams*

Nervous? Perhaps I'm on the same track with newbie college students.

A lot of things have been going on, as the old year breaks into the new, as it is inside my head. People around me are changing, as they move up and further, through a thin veil which separates immaturity and adulthood. Some may stay just at the border to retain that sense of foolish youth, but I see mostly jump through, happy to leave the child-like feeling behind and embrace what they think is freedom.

Don't get me wrong. Everyone wants to grow up! Everyone has that right! And if that's what you want, go ahead. We all deserve a piece of it. But I just like it here, on the other side of the veil very much. Sooner or later, yes, I know, I'll have to move and step over. But for now... I'll just wave from the other side.

Maybe this internship and soon, college, will help me cross over. Or I might just stay on that borderline between foolish youth and wise adulthood.

Look at me rant. It's been a while. Feels good. Good luck, to all college-goers, part-timers, and so on. Happy new year, and I hope the best comes out of 2011 for all of us. I don't know if it's dark days or sunshine ahead of us in the future, but everyone needs a lil cheer. Cheers then! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Good job, my friend. In the words of Flesch, write like you speak. You seem to be able to do that with fluidity. It will take you far, as a journalist or a ranter. I see a bright future, so keep at it. If you can, if you know an old-time journalist - which I think you do -, get the book by THE man himself called Write as You Speak. Having digested all there is, then must you widen your horizon to include Elements of Style.