Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The 5th Annual Cultural Night

7th of August was the night! The night of all nights (apart from prom, but hey, we don't know anything about that yet,). Readers, it was the 10th Petaling Scout Troop's annual Cultural Night!

For the past few weeks, it had been tiring work, getting permission letters, planning plans for the event, firewood-collecting, and the impressionable decor-art, but in the end, we had everything done before the CN itself.

Okay, to be frank, the starting was a bit slow. After serving the food, people were getting bored. However, performances like Xin You's unorthodox Justin-Bieber-remixed-Baby, made the crowd laugh, and the senior Scout girls' Malaysian dance (thank Tharini for that) scored some strong applaud from the audience.

But the tipping factor was the Dikir Barat. It really got people hyped, and we even had the audience joining us!

That Dikir Barat really works for all events. It even worked during Kem Integrasi.

Anyway, the event was a success, and it was the last of the 2009/2010 COH's duties. From that night on, all the tasks were bestowed upon Chu Szi Wei and his COH of 2010/2011. Good luck, dude!

Below are some pictures. Thanks for reading!

the firelighting part! my thanks to Daniel RS!

Tarian Malaysia, Tharini's proteges!

Dikir Barat, anyone?

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