Monday, August 16, 2010

An eye for an eye makes the world go blind...

This is going to be a very serious post. I'll try to be a bit humorous in it, but I doubt I can.

Now, it's the month of Ramadhan, is it not? Time for patience-testing and willpower, and so on.

There's the buka puasa time every evening at 7.30+. It's supposed to be family time, where everyone sits around the table, waiting for the time to come in to break the day-long fast. Then when it's time, we say our prayers and eat, as a family.

I... don't like it. I'd rather eat alone. It's not that I don't appreciate my dad, mom, the sisters and the 13-year-long-in-service maid, but I hate it when we discuss an issue.

Then I see how nasty my family can become.

Today we discussed about Osama bin Laden and his family in Mecca, because my parents just came back from there. Mecca's economy is being ruled by the Laden family, even in Osama's disappearance, due to his wanted status. His family has done a lot of stuff for the people of Mecca. Hosting free buka puasas, donating to local mosques and such.

I respect that much of the Laden family; and Osama as well. But what he did during the 9/11 attacks were too much.

Please just forgive what my mom said.

''The Laden family is taking orders from Osama himself, the States just don't know it. A lot of good he did for the Muslims. I don't blame him for the 9/11 attacks.''

I was shocked. Thousands of people died in those attacks, sons lost their fathers, husbands lost their wives, lovers lost their beloved, and my mom said Osama was right in doing so.

I countered, as politely as possible,

''People are still people. You don't just chuck out a life like that. And we're talking countless of lives here.''

Before my mom could reply, my maid jumped in from the other side of the dinner table.

''Don't judge him on what he did. People may say what they want about Osama bin Laden, but he's still a hero for us (Muslims).''

Screw what she said, I never liked her anyway. I shot,

''Even after all those people died? INNOCENT people? There's blood on his hands! Killing innocents is what Muslims are against as well!''

Dinner turned into a debate when my mom pointed her finger at me and hissed,

''Very well, then how about the people in Gaza? How many innocents died there? Israel, supported by the people of the States, ravaged their homeland, burned their crops, destroyed their houses and murdered their children in cold blood! Osama bin Laden demolished a few buildings while Israel, backed up by the oh-so-just USA raped an entire nation! Amirul, please don't justify on what the Israelis and Americans did, because what Laden did was fair compensation.''

My dad was sighing and at that time I knew I should stop. But not without the final comeback was uttered then I left the table.

''See, mom, the problem with an eye for an eye is, in the end, everyone goes blind.''

I'm so sorry if I don't have that semangat jihad. People are still people. Taking lives just to settle scores is not humane at all.

Mom, I hope your inhumanity was just because of the stress of fasting.

And screw you, maid, I don't care about you.

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