Saturday, February 6, 2010

ROAD RUN - First and Last

Yeah, never actually joined Road Run before. But well, since it's my last year, I decided to take part. And I never really realised... it was so damn fun.

The school was in chaos (a good kind of chaos, amidst cheering and chattering) in the morning while all of us took our numbers. We were kinda behind schedule, since the Run was supposed to start at 8.00 but the number taking event was taking a lot of time. So we actually ran the Run at 9.00.

It was kinda refreshing, actually. I started off with a slow jog, but of course, I was eventually left behind. I sprinted a few times, but I daresay I could only last for about 0.5 seconds, considering my size, in those sprints.

Something funny happened near the end. I was metres away from the school, running with a friend. I wasn't actually paying attention to my front -- and believe it or not -- I banged into a bus stop sign post. Yeah, stars were popping around me, but I kept running.

I finally ran the entire Run and I think I was around number 50+. But never mind, it was a good run. Burnt all the fats in me anyway. The sense of accomplishment was really good inside my head and my heart.

Too bad the Road Run's not gonna happen next year again... for me, that is.

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