Friday, February 12, 2010

Roaring Tiger, Happy New Year!

I was so freakin' excited when I heard it was the TIGER'S turn this year for CNY. But before I get all weak in the knees and whatnot, I'd like to wish everyone I know (and the ones I don't) a very happy Chinese New Year. Prosperity rules!

Which reminds me of McDonalds' Prosperity Burgers. Do you know they recently served double the beef/chicken patties now?

Sorry, veering off course there. So, this year's CNY is the Year of the Tiger and this 14th Ferbuary2010's elemental sign for the tiger is the Metal Tiger. Aha, surprised I know this, yeah? Well, I did a lil bit of digging, and it was pretty interesting. I simply can't wait for the Year of the Dragon. Powerful, majestic, mythical creatures, dragons are (even though they're not real).

Here's something else that's as interesting. The white tiger is the Primal Spirit for Metal, or as the Chinese refer to it, Wu Xing.

There's also something about tigers that people born in the Year of the Tiger should be proud about. Tigers show incredible bravery, the willingness to participate in combat and undying courage. They are also described as lucky, lively and engaging. Best protection from the evils of fire and burglary.

Yes, I was quite surprised myself that I took the initiative to find all I can about this particular subject. Anyways, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. Go TIGERS! Later, readers!

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