Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lovely Eyes

I was chatting with an old friend from Perak... and he told me about this lil crush he had on this girl in his class. The way he talked about her, wow, I was afraid I might have fallen for the girl myself. So, pal, I dedicate this little story here for you. That'll be five bucks for this post; blogs ain't cheap.

Haha. Just my lil joke...

So, I'll begin now, eh?

''There she was... (I won't say her name; so I'll describe her as 'she') just came in class a few days ago. I was in the accounts stream, and not many people were in favour for it. But 'she' certainly was. I saw her doing questions before; in front, at the blackboard. Solving those mathematical questions like it was child's play. I think even the teacher was envious of her. Last pop quiz, 'she' was the only one who scored 90% something for it. Oh yes, she's very 'brainy' and god, she is beautiful.

I talked to her a couple of times. She told me that she was half a Malay, and half an Indian. That fact suprised me, and I even held myself back for a moment (I'm sorry, my friend can be a little err...touchy) but after confiding in a friend (moi?) I found myself not caring. She was pretty, smart and so funny. But the thing that intrigued me the most... it was her eyes. Her lovely eyes.

It was a soft brown, not too dark, yet not too bright. It was balanced, and make you think of chocolate. And when she smiled... it was a complete package. Her eyes, her smile... it made my heart leap and beat a million times faster. Have you ever heard a melodious chirp of a flock birds? She laughs like that. I yearn to hear it everyday.

I'm not ashamed to say I've fallen for her. What boy in his right mind won't? I knew this at once when I saw her talking with other boys. It was jealousy; and that only happens if you have feelings for someone.

I hope everyday, that there will come a time, and I'll look into her lovely eyes, and tell her my affection for her. I'll be looking into her eyes then; her lovely eyes.''

Now, he clearly emphasised on the usage of 'lovely eyes'. I can grasp a measure of what he meant. The poor boy's in love; the way he talks about the girl. I really wish I can meet this girl someday. Wow. Later, readers.

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