Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crushes and Infatuations, bah

It's impossible not to have a crush on someone when you're in school, yes? That lovey-dovey feeling which the ignorant adults sigh, 'Ah, puppy love,' and the frustrating feeling of the heart when we tell ourselves hundreds of time, 'Yes, she's the one,' 'by love, he's Mr Right!' but somewhere, down there, under the cobwebs of ego and pride, lies the nasty thought, 'That's stupid. You're (somewhere between 12--18, I'd imagine), too young to fall in love!'

The British blokes call it, 'infatuations', but my parents call it, 'cinta monyet', a phrase similiar to 'puppy love'. That fuzzy feeling in your chest, that longing you desire when you look into the eyes of the unlucky fellow which you harbor a crush on...

I've hoped I've described these feelings accurately. I may have or may have not felt these, but why bother about me when we can talk about love's long-distant cousin, crushes!

I think I've hit an important topic there. 'Love'. Boyfriends and husbands, girlfriends and grumpy ex-wives! I find my friend Hui Jan's way of looking at it (bah, I'll marry a Caucasian) simply humorous.

All and all... it's along the way of school life. Face it, enjoy it, then cry at it, and learn from it. It's the best we all can do with it. Friends are dears, but life has much more to store than creating simple bonds. Speaking for both love and crushes, these things tend to let us explore deeper into those bonds, giving us a chance whether we are cruel enough to severe those bonds or just make them stronger.

It's just depends on us, what to make of them. Choices, one would say. Later!

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