Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Next Phase

It's been a boring four months. Honestly. I've been rotting at home ever since I took my one month vacation break and I thought it was a bad move, despite the massive amounts of free time. Which of course, led to my downfall... and gain of excess weight.

I have been indulging myself in my hobbies. Went to Genting for a photography competition last week. Sent in an essay for thrills. Watched all TV series known to man. Well, almost all. But really, as 11th of May closes in, I'm getting excited.


I know, it's probably stale among my mates, as they've started four months ago, but it's still exciting to me. I do feel like I'm the last to join the ranks of tertiary education students , though.

Maddie and Hui Jan joined college in January. Tharini too, I think.
So did Edmund and Joshua.
Ishaq started a week ago.
Even Deric moved to USJ from Sitiawan and is starting this Saturday.
Imran is starting his orientation this Sunday. Mirza's going to the same university with him.

I've got a full two weeks or so before I start mine.

I miss the excitement. I miss the atmosphere. I miss the suspense of catching on to assignments. I miss mingling around people my age worried about almost the same thing! It may be very different from high school, but the concept is there. Studying, finishing projects/assignments. It's just the difficulty is tenfold. And you're fucked if you don't finish any. Heh.

I know some people will probably say, "Heh. You're not missing anything. Wait till you enter college.You'll see."

OK. Let me face it then. I'm not being over-confident here. I just want the thrills. And I hate being left out. Really.

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