Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gay? So what?

See, when my mom told me about this, I've been thinking long and hard on how I should view this. The whole idea stemmed from the concept of being too free-minded. Youngsters, given the chance to express themselves, and when they take the road that's not considered "normal" by the masses, an issue arises. In this case.... effeminate boys and their tendencies which led to the opening of this boot camp by the Terengganu education department. Well done, boys.

It's more stupid than when Rebecca Black decided to compose "Friday".

I am Muslim, I cannot stress this enough, and I have been taught, ever since I was a foetus, that going the opposite way in sexual identity is plain, hell-deserving, sin-blasted, wrong. If you're a boy, you are a boy. Enough said.

I can think for myself, however. And I certainly don't agree with the "gay boot camp". You do not throw a feminine boy inside a controlled environment and shove instant manhood down their throats. I have an uncle who lives in Singapore, and he has female tendencies. Yes, he speaks with a homosexual flair, walks like one of Heidi's models and even carries a handbag to work! But you know what? He's married to a hot woman from Johor and he has three kids. How's that for effeminate, eh?

The problem we all have, a natural trait of the human race, is that we like to look at a person crooked when their personality is not deemed normal. Thus the stereotyping, the labeling and god-knows racial issues. We point and point, and whisper behind our hands at other people who seem different.

People who know me might actually scoff at this post right now. I have a tendency to hate gays, yes? I do that for jokes. I respect effeminate boys for who they are and I don't condemn them for what they choose. Yes, I poke fun at them but I have no reason for them to disappear from the face of the earth.

The Terengganu education department made a stupid attempt at trying to tone down the rise of effeminate boys. People should be given reign on what they decide, regardless of race and religion. No one has the right to condemn another just because of the choices they make. Perhaps we have the right to punish small evils in this world, but establishing an odd sexual identity is certainly none of those things. Leave 'em alone.

So, go ahead, the extremist Malays and Muslims who read this post. Condemn me for what I think. Call me a free-thinker. Call me blasphemous. Call me a... non-Muslim?

Funny thing is, Muslims respect other people for who they are. Condemn me, and I promise you, minds that work like yours will throw the human race back into the bloody stone age.

And to the "gay" boys who went to the camp... good for you for making new friends. That plan certainly went well.

Stupid Malays.

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  1. love ur blog dude. yeah u're right. we cant be so judgemental in life.