Monday, December 20, 2010

Hey, You

A lil thank you to the lovely Ms. Madeleine Teh; yes, I am awesome. Take it, sis.

Okay, so what do we have? Ah yes... prom.

So. After... what, a week? A week of getting ready for this gig, decorations, buying ink, fiddling around with strips of aluminium foil... and so on. Hey, it was cool coz Maddie was there, yeah. She even offered her place as the decor's base of operations.

It was like a philharmonic concert there, folks, the brother practices the piano for hours. I got the Nutcracker and other musical pieces replaying in my head all the time now. Wickeddddd.

I watched Tron: Legacy a few days ago. It was awesome, and amazingly awesome. I'm watching the original Tron now. I gotta say... in T:L, the discs battles are waaaaaaayyy better. In Tron... it looked like they were playing catch with glowing Frisbee discs which could slice you. In T:L, these discs could still cut you, but it would cut you in slo-mo.

Yeah. Just like that. Ouch.

But the light cycle scenes in the original are more intense, no doubt. Ah, just watch it folks! Truly a must see this jolly Christmas season!

I have my suit. I have my camera. I have my printer (it's Sarah's actually) and I'm all set to go. Tomorrow morning I'm off to One World hotel, to check out the place for prom one last time. Then maybe register for driving lessons.

Yes, I already went for the theory talk for 5 hours... but haven't paid or registered yet. Whoops.

The talk was nuts. And bull. And balls. What the hell.

Almost there, Madeleine. Almost. Then you can enjoy your holidays. We all can enjoy our holidays.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone! See ya, folks!

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