Monday, June 21, 2010

Maddie's in Moscow, I Love Illegal Networks, and School is Cool

Due to Miss Jacie Tan Cheng Hwee's nagging, I am obliged to post another update on my god-forsaken blog. Then it occured to me, that nothing interesting actually happened during the holidays, other than the outings, which I've already posted up.

So... what should I blog about today?

Nothing, eh?

Guess I'll bore you with unexciting details then.

Maddie has gone on a trip to Russia to visit her brother and won't be back for a week. We all really miss her, but Imp the most (Imp's the guy in 5B, with the long nose and the squarish, sharp jaw line). I've sent her an SMS saying we're all glad that she arrived there safely, after she SMS'ed Imp, saying she touch-downed in Moscow. Imp strong-armed her to do it. Poor girl. Rates in Russia aren't actually cheap. Well, it's his head.

If you kept up with my Facebook status updates, you'd know that I'm currently obsessed with, and yes, it's an illegal network which houses billions of unofficial torrents for god knows how many media items on the net and in the world. Yes, I know we've all been warned not to download illegal items off the net, but let's face it, who wants to pay a RM100 for a one-season, thirteen-episode DVD when you can wait a day while your BitTorrent program downloads it? It's the same with DVD piracy in Malaysia, and that's why it's still going strong. And it's not just movies I'm downloading. Over the past few weeks, I've discovered ancient issues of forgotten comic books, which are almost impossible to acquire nowadays. But again, with need I say more?

I'm sure DRS can support me there. Eh, Daniel?

And oh, who can forget school? A place where a thousand or more students are huddled together, and subjected to long hours of lessons, with the occassional laugh or giggle, but mostly trying to stifle yawns while the teachers drill their brains with facts that might be useful in their future. Some might find this fun, and interesting. I don't blame them. They must have boring lives at home and being at school is the tiniest bit of fun they can get.

I'm joking. Going to school is good. And if you like it, you're gonna have a bright future.

And I thought I was a prefect.

I'm at the end of my tale and I have some photos to sort. 6019 photos, in fact. Taking up most of my laptop hard disk. But no problem. Recently bought a 500GB external hard disk and I must say, it's more useful than the measly 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB pendrives. And it has an internal fan!

Bye, readers!

Happy now, Jacie?

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