Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Insane, the Supernatural and the Reporter

I don't know what I'm doing; I just updated yesterday! But this interesting fact I've discovered today about my dad really made my day. This one's for you, Dad.

So, have you guys ever heard of Mona Fandey? She was a Malaysian pop singer, but when her attempt at national popularity failed, she became a bomoh (local shaman), offering services to supernatural-fanatic clients. Soon, aided (or misguided) by her insanity, Mona Fandey became a murderess, after she committed a gruesome act of murder.

Yeap, that's Mona Fandey. Crazy black magic witch.

Her horrific acts included dismembering the victim's body into 18 body parts after the husband (also a loony) chopped off his head with an axe. The victim was also partially skinned and his remains were kept in Mona Fandey's basement.

The victim was a political figure who wanted Mona's service, believing Mona's connection with the spiritual world would gain him political immortality. The operative word here is political. Mr. Immortal Politician gave Mona and her husband a deposit of RM500000 and 10 land titles (the amount that Mona demanded was RM2.5 million for the service).

During the ritual, out of crazy reasons, Mona and her husband murdered Mr. Immortal Politician and hid his body. They proceeded to spend the money on a Mercedes-Benz and Mona got herself a facelift.

How nice.

Which wasn't quite wise, because later the police tracked Mr. Dead Politician's tracks back to Mona and after a look at her finance account, they concluded that Mona Fandey was indeed responsible for Mr. Dead Politician's disappearance.

Mona Fandey and her husband were finally apprehended and a publicized trial was on its way. Of course, the couple was deemed guilty and sentenced to death by hanging.

Out of all the articles I've read, they always mentioned Mona's strange behavior near the end. Though she was faced with death, Mona was smiling all the way, posing for photographers and seconds before she was hanged, she commented;

''Aku takkan mati. (I shall never die).''

Creepy, eh? This leaves a gap of uncertainty, especially for the supernatural fanatics.

When my dad was in his prime, a journalist for The Star, he was one of the reporters who followed the investigation closely. Though my dad refused to comment much on the subject, he did admit that he was there when the police apprehended the culprits and when they raided the insane couples' home, where they not only found Mr. Dead Politician's mutilated remains, but weird items which included preserved human body parts in jars.

My dad quit his job right when the trials started, deciding to start a business on his own.

My mom said when Mona Fandey was on the loose, she threatened that all those who were involved in the investigation, their families will be at mortal peril. That curse is done now, since Mona is... well, dead.

Yes, the story is very dark and not much humorous, but I applaud my dad for taking part in an investigation which captured the most vile murderess in the history of Malaysia. Job well done, dad.

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