Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm Not Half-Boiled Anymore!

I have two things to blog about today. The first, would be about Puan Maha’s farewell party which happened yesterday. The second, is my birthday celebration at Sunway Pyramid, happened today, just a few hours ago.

Let’s start with Puan Maha’s party. The party was at 2.30PM, at a northern Indian cuisine restaurant (I think) in Sect 14 going by the name House of Pakeeza. Weird name, nice food. And we all know (well, those who do know me) how much I adore food. Especially good food. It was a fancy, quiet place. Atmosphere was quite pleasant. We all sat down and ate nasi briyani, mutton, tandoori chicken (with some green paste which I know wasn’t wasabi but tasted great anyway) and papadums. Ah, fresh papadums. And they kept piling up on them salty crackers. Puan Maha related to us some funny stories while we ate and laughed. One included on Aaron (2008-2009 Head Prefect) discovering his interest in photography by taking pictures of girls at public places.

Then came the photo session. Ishaq, Aqeemul and I brought our cameras which everybody played with them (Jiunn Jie tinkered around with Ishaq’s, mine was reserved by Hui Jan, and Aqeemul’s was passed around like a rental). One-on-one with Puan Maha, single session, group gender photos, and one that included Khairul blocking Puan Maha in one gigantic hug. Go fat guys! Whoop!

Presents were… well, unique. Girls got Puan Maha a makeshift tiara. Chee Hoe got her a scythe. The scythe did emphasise her manner as a Grim Reaper… and me, Ishaq and Herman pooled our money to buy her a disco ball! Puan Maha was grateful, thanking us for it being ‘big’. Yeah, and we told anyone who asked that Herman donated the ball.

The bill situation was fun too, though I won’t talk about that tale too much. But in the end, it was all manageable. And guess what? Puan Maha still had one more week of staying here after the holidays before she leaves for Sabah. Another great whoop!

Pictures will be at my Facebook page under the album Lawgiver’s Farewell.

What? I wanted a nice name for the album.


Thanks to Maddie Tsl and Yap Ee Leng, two of my close buds, they have pushed me to orchestrate my birthday celebration. Yes, everyone had fun, but let it be known, I am such a terrible planner. The only get-togethers I can organise is a get-together-alone.

Yeah, that was a good one right there, wasn’t it??

So, guest list was 11 people. Actually there were more, but couldn’t make it. It’s okay, fellas, I had a nice time. Just sorry you couldn’t come.

Arrived at Sunway Pyramid at 10.20AM, thanks to Felix (he can DRIVE). On the way, we got a lil bit lost and some minor swearing, accidental mind you, because I messed up my letters in the words ‘’Parking Fee’’. So me, Maddie, Imran and Felix.

While Imran tended to his girlfriend, also a guest on my list, me, Maddie and Felix met up with Ee Leng. Bought movie tickets too for the 1.30PM showtime of the A-Team. Then began the hunt for my clothes. Maddie (acting like the big sister I never had, or worse, my mom) wanted to get me new clothes since she said I looked horrible in hoodies.

I love hoodies. Love. Hoodies.

In the end I got a shirt bearing the words, ‘’I’M A VIRGIN (This is a very old T-shirt)’’. The trend was not new, but I loved it. Thanks Maddie.

Then we met up with Ishaq (enjoying hot chocolate outside Starbucks), Afiq and Sofiah and Tharini! Maddie wanted to get Tharini a dress too, but I didn’t see what she bought. Too busy looking at the guitar pick that Ishaq bought for me with the laughing skull. Loved it, man.

After a few more hours of walking around Sunway, talking, making jokes (Afiq insulted Felix; something about cats) then it was time for the movie! That was my first mess-up! There were 11 people! But ta-da, I bought ten tickets.

Me, being noble (or foolish, like the others called it), let myself be left out and let the others watch. But when Ee Leng SMS’ed me, saying there were a lot of vacant seats, me, being sneaky, sneaked through the cinema exit door, entered the theatre and watched the A-Team for free. Yeah, I was a couple of seats away from the gang. But hey, it was FREE!

The A-Team was awesome. Coolest movie ever. The action, humour, drama were all mixed in one blockbusting margarita. Don’t forget the explosions. Gotta love ‘em. And the part where the tank flew out of the sky, landing in some poor German fisherman’s pond, cheating by killing fish with dynamite.

After the movie, we had trouble finding lunch. Lala’ed here, lala’ed there, and finally settled at a place called Sakae Sushi. Nice place, nice food, amazing prices. Amazingly pricey.

Ate, laughed, and almost panicked when Afiq wanted to order a Sake bottle which cost RM25.90. Price wasn’t so bad. Heh.

Ishaq and Felix had to go early. Thanks dudes, glad you two came! Imran and his girlfriend resumed dating, I didn’t mind. Go on, have fun! It is my birthday! Ee Leng had to go too after lunch. Aaw. Thanks, sister! Afiq went to buy more movie tickets because he wanted to watch Karate Kid with his sister. So me, Azim, Tharini and Sofiah went to archery. I messed up again, almost killing a guy when my arrow bounced off. Sorry, sir. My bad. But I got one in the middle. Ehem. Bull’s eye. And that’s no bullshit.

Soon, Azim had to leave. Thanks for coming, Carrots! Then Imran and his girl had to leave. I say. Well, it was fun having you both here! Afiq mysteriously disappeared. Suspected he went to the arcade because the cinema was near to the arcade.

So I was the only guy with Maddie, Sofiah and Tharini! Lucky me! We went to the Coffee Bean and the first hour was fun when Tharini developed some foam-mustache from her cappuccino. Then Sofiah did some weird experiments with the leftovers. Turned it semi-solid, semi-liquid. And for the next hour, the girls talked about boys, while I sank lower beneath the table. There was something about whales having intercourse resulting in the salt level in the sea. Okay, I’m terrified.

Too soon when everything had to come to an end. Maddie and I had to go home because she left her chocolate for Happy Father’s Day at Imran’s freezer for safekeeping (that’s a story for another time). Said our goodbyes, hugged and pounded knuckles with everyone and off to home with a taxi. Dropped by Imran’s place for the choc, his maid was so nice, and then walked back to my place, where Maddie’s dad was waiting to pick her up. One more goodbye and here I am in front of the laptop typing it out.

Extraordinary. Hope you all had fun, because I did. The whole outing was… what’s the word for it? Hui Jan, do you have a word that can somehow explain this very euphoric feeling? Well, if you do, then that’s the word. To those who don’t know, ask her.

Thank you, Maddie, Ee Leng, Azim, Ishaq, Felix, Afiq, Sofiah, Tharini, Imran and Illyana! Thanks for looking up the word, too, Hui Jan!

Thank you all for making my breakthrough from half-boiled teenager to 17-YEAR-OLD half- boiled teenager into something *insert Hui Jan’s word here*! Thank you!

Thanks for visiting! WHOOP!

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