Thursday, May 27, 2010

Citra Warna was a BLAST!

Hey guys! Sorry late update. Exams you know, those papers on your school desk which somehow challenges your mentality. Studying myself to death. Well, maybe not death, but I have been studying. A bit.

Anyway... Citra Warna. Yeap. Awesome. Terrific. Superb. Amazing. Spectacular. Web of... sorry, getting carried away. I'm mentioning all of Spider-Man's comic series (to those who don't know... it's the Amazing Spider-Man, the Spectacular Spider-Man, and the Web of Spider-Man.)

Alright, off topic there. Yeah, the folks of SAS had a damn good time at Dataran Merdeka that fateful night of 22nd of May 2010. We danced, laughed, cheered, partied like there was no tomorrow, tho there wasn't any drinking, unless you count the mountains of mineral water bottles we downed that night. It was a cool night, but we were sweating and boy, did we smell.

Puan Rema said to us after the event was over: 'now you have that empty feeling in your lives.'

Well, the Form 5s certainly miss those moments. Dancing in front of the Agong and on live national TV! Some Form 4s aren't doing so well. Pity those fellas. You should see their Facebook status updates.

Yeah, Citra Warna was really a fun time in our lives. A good experience for all of us. Look out for Citra Warna 2011, eh?

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