Saturday, January 23, 2010

21 Guns/Minority

It's kinda weird that there's a band out there that's named after the band members' liking to marijuana. But hey, there's Green Day.

Awesome songs over the decade, and an impressive amount in the punk-rock band's fanbase. There was Wake Me Up When September Ends, a song dedicated to Billie Joe Armstrong's (lead guitarist and vocalist for Green Day) late father, the heavy-with-sarcasm American Idiot, and the dark and depressing (but somehow soothing) Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

There are two songs which I just can't get enough of, that are, the first, 21 Guns. A slow and melodious violin starting, and passed off to a rhythmic guitar play. And don't forget that awesome electric guitar solo which fits the climax scene of the music video (the hero and heroine kissing amidst bullets flying everywhere). The term 21 Guns mean an official military salute to American soldiers who died in combat. Billie Joe Armstrong's lyrics strongly reflect on how many soldiers must die if they don't even know what their fighting for. You gotta watch the music video. Click here, please.

The second song, as powerful as the first, is called Minority. This time, the song begins with a country-music-like guitar play and is continued with electric guitar jamming. The music video is ... well, no other word can actually describe it except cool. The band is playing on a parade float, decorated with giant hand figures showing the rock and peace sign. The lyrics contain a few swear words, but hey, a little profanity never hurt anyone. Minority shows that even the smallest influence counts, and not to just follow what everybody else thinks. Gotta be independent, no? Take a look at the music video right here.

Yeah, these two songs really rocked me, hope it'll rock you guys as well. 21 Guns is from Green Day's latest album, 21st Century Breakdown while Minority is from an older album, Warning.

I also watched Lady Gaga's music video, Bad Romance. Her performance was pretty good, but dang, the video was weird. Ga-ga, o-la-la...

See ya, readers!

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