Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I know this girl...

I know this girl.

She's a pleasant person, really.

Nice to talk to.

Someone you could throw a couple of dirty jokes around without being scrutinized at.

A wonderful person.

But underneath that smile she shows to everyone everyday... there's a lonely heart.

One that cries almost every day.

One that beats to the steady rhythm of sorrow every day.

A heart that bleeds out toxic pain.

But still. 

She tries hard. 

Kick her down, and she'll stand right back up.

She'll kick you back. In the balls, if she's in a funky mood.

She'll always have a smile, not that psychotic smile, but the "fuck it, I'm still breathing" kind of smile.

Yeah, she breaks down a couple of times. 

Shed some tears for someone who's kinda oblivious. 

But she'll get back up.

And when she does, she's stronger than ever.

Don't tempt her into her "I'm gonna get you sucka" mode.

She'll beat your breakfast, lunch and dinner right out of you.

But still the toxic pain.

The longing, the wishful thinking.

Oh, who am I to say.

I know this girl.

Kinda lucky for me.

My only regret is that I couldn't help her ease her pain.

It's a tremendously powerful, spiky, black, twisting sort of pain.

One that might take years to disappear.

Screw you, non-believers, she's gonna pull through.

She might have lost all hope.

But I haven't.

Not in her, no.

With the way she's handling that bitch-beast of a pain...

I'm proud of you, miss.

Keep going.

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  1. I also know that kind of girls... And my heart beats with her.

    Greetings from far away, where feelings are the same.