Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dedicated to the late Bunny, Madeleine's Pet Rabbit.

Hi, folks. Sorry for the very late update. I've been sick, then busy, then sick again, and busy yet again, then Raya celebrations were around the corner and I just didn't have enough time.

But I think I have enough time for this.

I was at the train station today. On my way home to KL. When I boarded the train, I got an SMS.

The day turned slightly bleak when I read that message.

Madeleine's pet rabbit, Bunny, died today.

I met Bunny for the first time, at Madeleine's Chinese New Year open house, last year. Cute lil rabbit she was, and I regret that I didn't have my DSLR that time to take a picture of her. She hurt her leg at that time, so she was limping. But Bunny was an adorable little fluffy... well, bunny.

I met her a few more times over this year, and even petted her a bit. If she didn't have that limp, she would've been jumping a lot around Madeleine's house. But she was determined, one night, when she hopped delicately into Madeleine's lowered hands.

Madeleine loved Bunny. She still does. Bunny's been around for eight years, and the photos of her with that rabbit really could move a heartless guy's heart like mine.

It's never easy losing a pet. My cat Lilo died in a car accident a year back. I didn't cry; I even made measly jokes about it at school. But I really did mourn her loss when I'm alone, knowing she'll never brush past my ankles anymore

Miss ya, Lilo.

The bond between a pet and its owner, something like Madeleine and Bunny, it's not something to be lightly taken of. ''So what, she could get another one,'' Sure. But not all rabbits are the same. Not all pets are the same. One's just special for that one person, and that's what makes the love even... stronger; unique.

I'm sorry for your loss, Madeleine. I really am. Bunny was a great rabbit. She's gone now, but she'll remain as a wonderful memory for us all.

Bunny knows you loved her, Madeleine. She wouldn't blame you because you weren't there when she passed. And knowing you cared and loved her for eight years made it easy for her to pass on. You love her, and she knows that, even though she's gone now. As much as you love her, that's how much she loves you back. That's the most important thing right now.

Bunny, I'm sorry I couldn't get to know you closer. I would've love to have you pose for my DSLR. And for you to meet my cat, Shiro. You would've been the best of friends.

We all miss you. Madeleine the most. Rest in peace, Bunny.

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