Saturday, March 20, 2010

The ''I Don't Know What To Call This Post'' Post

Hey readers. Yeah, I've kinda been ignoring my blog. Sorry. Days come and go, and not a single moment I see that my table is clear of homework. Well, I've never seen it clear before. Not since 2010 started. There's the school DSLR camera I borrowed, there's the can of chrysanthemum tea I was drinking, piles of Star Wars books (I'm a fan), piles of old revision books (weird, they look brand new and appeared to have never been opened) and lots and lots, loads and loads of homework books, papers, and tangles of wires (probably the camera's adapter and my charger, I don't know).

Along with homework, peer pressure came along and wrecked my mental state of mind. That, and a whole lot of problems which I probably can't say here but giving you a hint. Stupid problems really, and I really like to say that I cannot, at all, understand a girl's psychology profile. I can't even understand my mom's. All I know is, it's weird, more complex than quantum physics (which I heard was fun despite its amalgam of conception) and it would take a hundred years for men to research it and write a book about it, and get it totally right. Maybe more than a hundred years.

Last but not least, make sure you got a lot of pals. Being alone is never fun, especially if you're feeling joyous. I mean, who do you want to share all that gay happiness with? Your shoe? Never dispose of friends, or even recycle them. Keep 'em close like your lucky pair of boxers. Or socks. Or whatever garments you prefer.

Hey, hey. This song is cool. Peacemaker by Green Day. Check it out, readers. See ya!

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